Take the hassle out of master data maintenance for logistics locations

LogBook is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in providing comprehensive master data about logistics locations worldwide. Our streamlined and user-friendly platform allows businesses and supply chain professionals to easily access vital information about logistic hubs, ports, and warehouses, which ultimately enables better decision-making, improves efficiency across the entire supply chain network which will be the fundament for fully autonomous logistics operations. 

Capitalizing on the growing need for accurate and up-to-date information in the fast-paced logistics industry, LogBook has developed a proprietary data gathering and analysis system that consolidates valuable insights about logistics locations into one centralized platform. Our solution significantly reduces the complexity and time associated with manual research, providing our clients with easily accessible and actionable data for their logistics needs.

LogBook's extensive database includes vital information such as location coordinates, operating hours, contact information, and facility specifications for thousands of global logistics hubs. Through our platform, we provide our clients with tools to compare and analyze this data, which can help them identify growth opportunities, optimize supply chain routes, and minimize costs.

Our team of seasoned industry experts is continuously monitoring the market landscape and updating our platform to ensure that we help our clients stay ahead of the competition. LogBook is committed to delivering the highest level of data accuracy and client satisfaction, solidifying our position as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to improve their logistics operations.

In summary, LogBook is revolutionizing the way businesses access and utilize logistical data by offering a comprehensive, reliable, and innovative platform for logistics information management. Our mission is to empower businesses with next-level insights, enabling them to optimize their logistics operations, enhance efficiency, and foster sustainable growth.


The collection of location data

Every business that moves goods has to create a catalog of locations, starting from the direct business partners but also including the transit locations (ports, airports, intermodal terminals, etc). Logbook is the place to start.

Maintenance of master data

The quality of master data is usually "everyone's problem, but nobody's job". Logbook is here to claim that job.

Bad data leads to operational issues

Bad data can lead to failed delivery attempts, delays, wasted resources and worse. Use logbooks up-to-date master data to avoid such mistakes.

Technology + Humans

Logbook leverages a mix of humans and AI technology to provide a comprehensive collection of data. AI agents constantly source new information, humans in the loop help to assure a high data quality.



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